Monday, November 28, 2011

System Platform 2012

Customer First members may now download the new 2012 versions of System Platform and InTouch from the Wonderware Developer Network. Temporary licenses are available, with upgrade licenses available by Dec 5.

All System Platform applications now share a common installation from a single DVD with a new simplified "role"-based paradigm.

Some key features and enhancements:

  • "ShowGraphic" script function to show/hide symbol using scripting, and pass custom properties to other symbols.

  • "GetWindowName" script function to return currently displayed window.

  • Improved screen resolution management reduces need to convert resolutions.

  • Terminal Server multiple monitor support.

  • Terminal Server load balancing across CPUs/cores.

  • Faster window draw times in WindowViewer.

  • Faster I/O binding in graphics for ArchestrA graphics.

  • InTouch Tag Viewer (ObjectViewer for InTouch) replaces wwclient.

  • InTouch Window preview thumbnails.

  • Smart memory caching of windows based on most frequently shown.

  • SmartCard support for login/logoff.

  • Support for Embedded Standard Windows 7 for WindowViewer.

  • High-Availability and Disaster Recovery via Hyper-V.

  • Remote Desktop App support (allow access to only specific programs, such as WindowViewer).

Customer First members may download from here.