Thursday, February 23, 2012

Automatic Email Notification of InTouch Patches & Updates

This article details how to setup automatic email notifications when there is a new InTouch patch, service pack, or version. This can be helpful to stay up to date or help with regulatory compliance. Setting up these notifications is a two-step process.

1. Set up Wonderware email notifications of new software downloads. You cannot select just InTouch notifications however--you get all products.

2. To counter that, use Outlook to filter out unrelated notifications, leaving only InTouch notifications.

Step 1:

- Go to then navigate to Downloads -> Software Downloads

- In the right side of the page click 'Alert me when Updated'. This opens the New Alert page.

- In the section 'Send Alerts For These Changes', select the radio button 'Someone changes an item that appears in the follow view.'

- In the pulldown under this entry, change 'Demo Applications' to 'Software'.

There are a few other preferences you can set. When done configuring click 'OK' and you will begin getting notifications.

Step 2:

Outlook's Rules feature can be configured to filter all the software updates to only InTouch.

- Launch Outlook then navigate to your Inbox.

- Navigate to Home -> Rules -> Manage Rules & Alerts

- Click on 'New Rule'

- A rule can be set up many different ways, but one example is to move all emails with the subject containing 'Downloads -', and does not contain 'InTouch' to the trash. Below is a screenshot of that example.