Monday, August 3, 2015

Seamless connections and compatibility between devices and PLCs

Using Industrial Ethernet Gateways for VFD  (variable frequency drive) applications adds flexibility to your system. Moxa's comprehensive industrial Ethernet gateway solutions, the MGate series, are designed with innovative and automated technology to ensure quick installation and easy management of your industrial fieldbus-to-Ethernet networks.

 To help you master fieldbus communications, Moxa also delivers industrial fieldbus gateways to transfer control data between different fieldbus protocols. The Mgate gateways are a better protocol conversion solution between PLCs and Devices.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Reducing losses in the energy chain

ABB drives are designed to run your motors based on your processes current demands. Watch this video to see how they reduce losses in the energy chain.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Increase your asset utilization, throughput, and quality with Wonderware monitoring


ARC notes that manufacturers can expect benefits of up to 50 percent in reduced costs; up-time improvements of up to 30 percent; and OEE improvements of up to 20 percent when implementing technologies to communicate asset performance indicator information to operators and decision makers in real time.

This ARC whitepaper explains how companies can improve asset utilization by monitoring equipment downtime and analyzing the effectiveness of assets used in the production process.   

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Security and Connectivity in Industrial Automation

If only we could throw a big security blanket over all operations and rest easy knowing that we can prevent attacks, mistakes, and malfunctions.
If only it could be that simple... but as we become more connected to devices, networks, and software our risk increases. In this month's e-newsletter, we focus on how we can gain protection through upgrading, remote access, managed switches and more.

 We would like to hear from you and how your organization minimizes security risk.
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Jane Mohr   

When it comes to security, choose automation software you can trust

What do you look for when you choose an automation software provider? If you are like most people, you have a long list of expectations. Perhaps at the top of that list, you expect automation software to keep your processes and data secure. Ultimately, Wonderware is the only automation software that has the longevity and stability to do just that. With a solid track record, over 25 years in the industry, Wonderware is dedicated to protecting your systems. Take a look at Wonderware System Platform. 
It is a highly secure development & deployment environment that can be configured to control system access and user rights, along with tracking system changes by user. It is also supports Microsoft Integrated Security, SmartCard & other security protocols and methods. Since applications are managed from a central location, you do not have to worry about security issues associated with multiple applications running at multiple sites; this significantly reduces the burden on your IT organization.
Wonderware is the automation software partner you can trust.
See why.

Secure remote access to HMIs, PLCs, and other industrial equipment
Industrial communications must be deployable, secure, and reliable. With Secomea remote access solutions, you can easily monitor, manage, and service equipment. The solution consists of a control unit at the factory (SiteManager) and a Web or Windows based client (LinkManager) for an engineer or end-user. These two components are tied together via a M2M communication server (GateManager) that is available as both a cloud based service and a stand-alone server. Whether it is programming, controls, logging, infrastructure or all of the above, this remote access solution is secure and hassle-free.

Gigabit cyber security solutions

There are three key vulnerabilities of automation networks: 

1)Time-critical applications and data-hungry applications (such as video) have extremely low tolerance for latency. 
2)The unsecure Modbus TCP protocol is widely used in industrial automation. 
3)Non-industrial-grade cyber security devices can't withstand harsh industrial operating conditions, and will malfunction in those settings.

Moxa offers a router/switch solution to minimize these security risks. The EDR-810 is a highly integrated industrial multiport secure router with Firewall/NAT/VPN and managed Layer 2 switch functions. It is designed for Ethernet security applications in sensitive remote control or monitoring networks

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Achieving Comprehensive System-Wide Standards

System-wide standards provide worker safety and product reliability, adherence to policies and legislation, interoperability among devices, and business benefits such as efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. In other words, system-wide standards are means to ensure quality among workers, processes, and products. In this issue, we focus on solutions that improve quality:
  • in products by standardizing formulas
  • in safety by standardizing safety relays across applications
  • in data by standardizing network connectivity
  • in environment by standardizing cable construction in harsh conditions
 What do you do to improve quality through system-wide standards? We would like to hear from you. Email us.

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Jane Mohr   

Formula Management

Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus is designed for standardization of operational recipe management across your business; it reduces the number of recipe systems and formats, increases operational efficiency and establishes governance to secure consistent quality of your products.

A single safety relay for all of your safety applications

 Safety goes hand-in-hand with achieving system-wide standards. If safety standards are properly executed production can increase due to an environment that values workers, the machinery, and the product. Safety relays monitor a safety system and can switch off quickly and reliable in an emergency. ABB Jokab Safety offers many safety solutions to keep you up with requirements.
The RT6 universal relay offers the most versatile input option available on the market, so you can select the safety level required for each installation. These universal relays are ideal for use with typical safety devices such as emergency stops, gates/hatches and light curtains.

Gain greater control of your network using rugged, industrial managed switches with GB ports

The unique features of Moxa's industrial Ethernet switches enable nonstop network connectivity and include proven industrial design, seamless integrated security, and optimized price-to-performance ratio. Built-in fast recovery Ethernet redundancy also ensures excellent availability for business continuity and productivity.
Managed switches provide control of the traffic traveling over the switch. These feat
ures include:
  • Quality of service - can ensure consistent  network performance by assigning a higher priority to critical traffic
  • Virtual LANs - allows a switch to group devices together to segment and isolate network traffic
  • Redundancy - safeguards a network if a connection fails by providing an alternative data path
  • Port Mirroring - to diagnosis problems without taking down the network
Learn more about the EDS E Series

Cable Construction for Ethernet

 Ethernet cables have the communication capability to connect devices, switches, and routers and transmit and receive data. To achieve system-wide standards of durability and performance, especially from harsh plant floor conditions, use Turck solutions to find appropriate cable categories and type of twists that are critical in construction. Watch this Turck video explain how industrial Ethernet cables are better for the plant floor than commercial Ethernet cables.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Increasing Operational Agility with Industrial Automation

We have all heard the phrase "Work smarter, not harder" and have received tips like time management, bundling tasks, don't focus on the totality of a "to do list", etc... Truth is, hard work and smart work is not mutually exclusive and fortunately, with industrial automation, there are systems, tools, and products that enable operators the agility to spot opportunities for greater flexibility, speed, and workforce responsiveness.
      We focus on a few solutions that increase operational agility by:

  • Putting together systems to gather, share, and change processes quickly
  • A retrofit solution to save labor, energy, and cost while improving quality, accuracy, and precision
  • Managing data to spot opportunities and prompt troubleshooting
  • Resources for customization when standards don't work
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Jane Mohr

Increasing responsiveness with real-time information 
Wonderware MES /Performance
Today's operations requires greater visibility, a reduction of product costs, and improvement of product quality. Wonderware MES offers solutions to help operators to recognize how their processes impact the business with key performance metrics. 72% of surveyed MES customers improved equipment uptime by 5-10% or more with MES Software.*
Manage both production and performance by:
  • Reducing lead times
  • Shortening Time to Market
  • Cost Cutting
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Streamlining processes
  • Managing the global operation

*Source: TechValidate. TVID:757-8B3-C2E

Retrofit helps operators modernize without the high cost 
ABB Drives and Controls

Operational agility often includes the ability to find solutions for simple and easy modernization. Being able to upgrade without having to go through a huge installation process can: 
  • Optimize the budget
  • Decreasing maintenance cost
  • Increase of productivity
  • Reduce production downtime
  • Extend the life of existing equipment
With the ABB DCS800 retrofitters can provide up-to-date technology at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire system. With its special features, the DCS800 makes installation and configuration simple  by allowing you to customize the application to your needs.   

Quick troubleshooting to increase operational dexterity
Last month we discussed how MXstudio suite delivers easy management, mass configuration, smart visualization, and quick trouble shooting in developing best practices in Network Management. Two software features in this management suite helps operational agility by providing data for quick troubleshooting. The MXview studio offers:  
  • Auto discovery of network devices and physical connections
  • Event playback
  • Color-coded VLAN/IGMP groups and other visualization network data
The N-Snap Industrial Network Snapshot tool:
  • Takes network snapshots
  • Compares network and device data, and highlights the differences

 Unprecedented Flexibility:

The new BL67 Ethernet Gateway 
  Turck's BL67 offers an easy-to-deploy industrial  Ethernet solution. Though it combines the multiprotocol technology (one device - for three Ethernet protocols), it only allows one Ethernet master to control outputs while input is still available to the other protocols.  The BL67 provides unprecedented flexibility -already concealed, you can add more I/O without having to purchase a new, larger enclosure. The BL67 is ideal for harsh environments where conditions may not be conducive to traditional I/O.
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Even a slight reduction in speed can produce substantial energy savings

Coupling a motor with an ABB variable speed drive can lower energy consumption, reduce wear and
tear, and give the user greater precision over an application through control of the motor's speed rotation. Variable Speed Drives are often used with many different machines in manufacturing like pumps, ventilators, compressors, and belt conveyors. When a low capacity is needed, the Variable Speed Drive lowers the machine speed to save energy and drives down the cost of production. 

After all, the greenest energy is the energy that is saved and not used at all which results in a reduction to the bottom line and gives your organization a competitive advantage.

 ACS880 series, all compatible industrial drives, are easily adaptable and provide comprehensive and efficient process control that simplifies operations through intuitive control panels and advanced settings.
Learn how Fiskeby Board AB saved energy up to 80% with ACS880 drives.  
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