Friday, May 13, 2011

Parker Electromechanical Expands Compax3M Family

by Drew Siebert
The Parker Electromechanical Automation Compax3M is a multiaxis drive with a common DC bus, regen resistor, capacitance, mains filter, and USB interface.  Besides these shared features, users benefit from a compact architecture and EN954-1 Cat 3 Safety Compliance.

Recently released are the highest-powered M300 Servo Drive capable of up to 24 continuous RMS Amps of Power and the MP20 Power Supply capable of providing 30 Amps (20kW) of DC Voltage to multiple Drives in a Compax3M configuration.

Fully configurable with multiple feedback options, programmability, motion bus, and digital inputs and outputs, these new products can solve a multitude of tough applications... now with greater power!
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Automation Solutions From a Single Vendor

By Drew Siebert, PE

At Logic, Inc. we frequently run into customers attempting automation projects concerned about having many different vendors represented on their machine.  Their concern is understandable:  If the GE Intelligent Platforms PLC won't communicate with the ABB VFD and the Wonderware InTouch HMI then will GE Technical Support point the finger and ABB and Wonderware... and ABB & Wonderware Technical Support point their figurative fingers at GE?  This concern generally justifies a three-part answer...

I first prefer to bring to the customer's attention that their "All-In-One" vendor almost never engineers and manufacturers all of the components in the solution.  Usually, multiple products that comprise the solution have simply be colored and labeled to appear as if they are from the "All-In-One" vendor.

Secondly, for the pieces of the solution that are being manufactured and engineered by a single vendor, can that Vendor really have the dedication to quality and R&D that a company that specializes in SCADA/HMI, VFD Drives, Industrial PCs, Motion Control, Safety, or PLCs specifically?  I don't see how they could.

Third, and most important, is that in our customers' eyes, there still is only one Vendor: Logic.  Our Sales and Technical Support team are well versed in all of the products we promote.  We never figuratively point the finger because we're the one responsible for making all of the components we offered work together the way we promised they would.

Our promise to your success: "Our success depends on your success. If you share with us your vision for a product solution along with as much technical information you can, hopefully we will be able to offer a solution using our products. If we say up front that this solution will work, then we will commit whatever resources it takes to see that this happens. We cannot do the work for you, but we can make sure that our solution is technically viable. In the unfortunate instance where we are not able to make a solution work, then we will take back the equipment or software. We will make it right."

Logic, Inc. Office Locations

Each Logic Sales Engineer delivers on this promise over and over again throughout the work day.  Let some of the responses from our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey expand further...

  • "Logic, Inc. has always been helpful in solving issues."
  • "[My Sales Engineer] is awesome. He has personally come to our office to help solve solve some really tough problems."
  • "I applaud Logic on its ability to keep their sales personnel up to date on its product line."
  • "Great job!!"
  • "A great bunch of people; even in our distant location here in Louisiana, they are more than eager to help."
  • "Logic's tech support for Wonderware is fantastic and everyone at [Our Company] greatly appreciates all of their help."
  • "[Our Sales Rep] does a great job for us... Thanks for the great service and products."
  • "We have always appreciated the responsiveness of Logic and willingness to assist us using their products.   We buy from Logic whenever we can. [Our Sales Rep] has been by far one of the best sales representative I have worked with over the last 25 years."
  • "[Our Sales Rep] is very helpful, understanding and extremely knowledgeable.  I will be needing his help with a new project at the end of this month."
  • '[Our Sales Rep] is easily one of my favorite salesmen to deal with.  I never have to worry about when/if I will get my answers, because [he] always gets it taken care of.  Whether it's a quote or a technical question, his response is always prompt and accurate."
  • "We have knowledgeable engineers but we really appreciate what [our sales rep] brings to the table as far as product knowledge and more importantly, how the products he sells, can prove to be solutions to the problems we have. [He] is the best sales engineer I have ever worked with."
  • "[Our Sales Rep] always goes out of his way to assist me if I have a problem. I really appreciate what he does."
  • "[Our Sales Rep] is probably at the top of my list of salespeople in this profession. He is responsive, knowledgeable and professional."
  • "Logic provides great service."
  • "We appreciate the support from you guys!"
  • "[Our Sales Rep] is a fantastic business partner and is always responsive.  Very knowledgeable as well."
  • "My job is to design digital printing equipment. Our Logic Sales Person is called in as a technical resource in early design stages and is always included when we go out for quotes on projects."
  • "I was having trouble with a Wonderware application on a project a few months ago.  I contacted [Our Sales Rep] and within a few hours he had come by my facility and helped solve the issue. We greatly appreciate... Logic, Inc for helping out smaller companies like us.  It is a rare quality in a vendor."
  • "I have always enjoyed working with all of the Logic representatives and look forward to continuing our relationship."
  • "[Regarding thinking of Logic first for automation projects]...  If it is one of the product lines you all represent, the answer is Strongly Agree."
  • "We get very good support from Logic & [Our Sales Rep]."
  • "I have had very good support from the entire sales team at the Wichita, Kansas office."
  • "[Our Sales Rep & His Manager] went over the top to help us with our needs. I cant pay them a high enough compliment that would demonstrate how much they have [been] and are appreciated!"
  • "My sales rep is very talented, and is very capable of support for the products. That is very important to me, because of downtime."
  • "[Our Sales Rep] was extremely helpful during our first encounter during a serious problem I had.  He had the solution and several back up solutions."
  • "[Our Sales Rep] has been a good sales contact and is quite knowledgeable we are happy with his performance."
Thanks to all our customers who took time to fill out the Customer Satisfaction Survey.  We certainly appreciate the kind words!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Corporate Energy Management from Wonderware

by Drew Siebert, PE

Wonderware recently released a new application for System Platform which helps sustainability professionals and plant managers better understand their energy usage and take steps to control it.  Not only will this product allow you to monitor and alert based on your instantaneous peak demand and monthly usage, you can also configure it to capture the energy usage per product manufactured.

Imagine the benefits to those setting prices for product of better understanding the per-piece expense of energy required to manufacture that widget.  Or, in today's more sustainability conscious environment, marketing can advertise to users how small the usage is.

Recently some retailers are even requiring partners to capture and report sustainability information.  In 2009, Walmart started polling suppliers for this information and providing it to conscious consumers to help them make better decisions.  Implementing Wonderware's CEM can be a valuable step toward offering valuable information back to Walmart and consumers.

(c) Walmart

The question often asked, is "How is Wonderware Corporate Energy Management different than what we can create on our own through custom code with Wonderware or another SCADA vendor?".  The short answer, is that Wonderware's CEM industry application contains significant quantities of pre-written scripts and reports with drill-down capabilities that would take enormous numbers of man hours to replicate to recreate all of the functionality available from the pre-designed Wonderware Corporate Energy Management Industry Application.

Contact Wonderware Great Plains for a personalized demonstration and assessment of how Wonderware's Corporate Energy Management Industry Application can benefit you.