Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How do you connect GE's new Ethernet based CPU?

The new CPE305 has a new way to connect to via Ethernet straight out of the box. Instead of using a utility and pushing an address into it, you can simply use the factory address of Once online with the CPU you can change the target address as needed.

There are two alternative methods to get online with a new CPE305 as well:

Use a configured Ethernet module (IC695ETM001) in that same rack and download an address into the CPE305 via the ETM.

Use a serial cable (IC693CBL316) to download into the CPE305.

The CPE310 has the same Ethernet setup as the CPE305. The main connectivity difference is the number of serial ports. Similar to the classic CPU310, it has one 9 pin port as well as one 15 pin port.

Keep in mind the CPE310 can be loaded with a CPU310 configuration which makes migration much easier. This allows you to use your Machine Edition with versions back to 5.5 SP1.