Monday, October 29, 2012

Variable Creation Made Easy(er)

Variable creation in GE Machine Edition can be a very time consuming task. You can create them on the fly in logic development or one-by-one in the variable table. If you have several variables to create that are similar it is a good idea to export to a CSV (comma-separated value), copy the variables and then import that CSV back into Machine Edition. Described below is an even easier way to create variables quickly in Machine Edition.

Select variables you would like to replicate and click Copy.

Open Excel and paste.

The list should look something like this.

Copy the single variable as many times as needed. Make sure that the Variable (column A) and Reference Address (column F) increase by one or change them to be unique. Also make sure that size stays 16 for integers and 1 for discrete variables. (Note: If you are using symbolic addresses, Reference Address will be blank)

Here is the list with the variable size fixed.

Copy all of the variables.

Go back to Machine Edition. Right click on variable list and paste.

Click YES.

Now you have all of your new variables.

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