Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Manage EIP Traffic with No Configuration!

Moxa now has a version of their managed switch that has IGMP snooping enabled out of the box. This means that you can install this switch and manage that pesky EIP traffic without ever logging on to the switch. As inventor Ron Popeil says, "Set it and forget it"!
Some Moxa switch models are available with a -EIP model number. The difference between an EIP and a non-EIP switch is a configuration setting. The EIP models are factory configured for IGMP snooping.



Firmware in both switches is the same. Both will forward EIP traffic. Both can be accessed via an Allen Bradley ControlLogix add-on instruction. The part number difference is only to enable IGMP snooping by default. The non-EIP switch can be configured to be a -EIP switch by making the configuration change above. Note: one switch in the network must be enabled as the Querier.

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