Thursday, January 3, 2013

Prepare Windows 7 for Wonderware Products

Installing Wonderware products to a computer has gotten far easier with the new one-disk install. There are a few things, however, the OS needs set as a best practice before installation.

Step 1 
Disable Data Execution Prevention: bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff

Step 2 
Disable User Account Control: Control Panel, User Accounts, User Account Control, and lower the slider to the bottom. This will require a computer restart.
Step 3 
Firewalls can keep a computer safe from intrusions. They also hinder Wonderware communications if left with default settings. Either shut your firewall completely off or add a series of exceptions:

  • slssvc.exe
  • wm.exe
InSQL or Historian
  • InSQLData.exe
  • InSQLConfig.exe
  • InSQLSCM.exe
  • InSQLRet.exe
  • SQLServr.exe
General Ports
  • 445 tcp
  • 1434 udp
  • 1433 tcp
  • 135 tcp
  • 102 DAS SI Direct
  • 502 DAS MBTCP
  • 2221 DAS ABTCP
  • 2222 DAS ABTCP
  • 2223 DAS ABTCP
  • 5413 S/L DA Servers
  • 44818 DASABCIP
For more details, visit the Security Settings for Wonderware Products pdf.
Now you're ready to begin Wonderware installation.

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